Yay for Amelia and Co.

Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome made national news a year and a half ago, and not for good reason. One member of our community was denied a kidney transplant explicitly because she was labeled “mentally retarded.” (Palm to face. For starters, Dear Doctors, we don’t use that term anymore.) Amelia Rivera’s family wrote a blog post that rallied not just our small WHS community but the entire nation. Major news groups like CBS and ABC picked up the story. Check it: Amelia’s family now has this news to share. Many thanks to any and all folks who rallied for her and for all people with disabilities, cognitive and otherwise. There is only one kind of “able-bodied” person on this planet, and that’s a temporarily able-bodied one. Who knows what will befall each of us tomorrow. We are born needing the care of others, and we will likely die needing the care of others. So when you reach out to support the health and dignity of a person with disabilities, in some sense, you are reaching out to support the health and dignity of yourself. Yay for Amelia and co.

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