What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been reading the November 2013 issue of The Sun Magazine. Whenever The Sun appears in my mailbox, I turn first to the table of contents, eager to see if anything by Brian Doyle appears. Half the time it does, which is awesome, because Brian Doyle is one of my favorites. The November issue is chock full of good stuff, Brian Doyle included. The opening interview is an inspiring one with feminist progressive nun, Sister Louise Akers, and one I hope theists and non-theists and atheists alike read to better understand why squelched voices such as those of women refuse to leave The Church. “We are the Church,” Akers says.
But above all, I found myself giddy over Michelle Cacho-Negrete’s “The Chanel Suit,” about the rhetorical power of a thrift store find. Goodwill stores and frugality, well-fitting clothes and the way they shape identity — for me, there is a lot to love in Cacho-Negrete’s piece. I hope you get your hands on the issue. I also hope “The Chanel Suit” appears in next year’s Best American Essays.

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