Pregnancy Poems

pregnant-393364__180I started writing “pregnancy poems” in 2011, when I was, yes, knocked up with child number one. Only later did I learn that such a topic could be prone to more publishing rejections. Only later did I read Julianna Baggott’s thoughtful reply when her poem, “For Furious Nursing Baby,” was selected in The Best American Poetry 2013. (

Three months postpartum, I’d originally read Baggott’s poem in The Cincinnati Review, and thought, Yes! More poems like these, please! But then I realized there’s a history of omission when it comes to poems about pregnancy and early parenting, a history that’s sexist and strange and supposedly changing. Here’s a good NPR article on the subject:

Anyway, perhaps The NY Times is right — perhaps the tides are turning — because the editors of Juked, The Florida Review, Unsplendid, Tinderbox Poetry Review, Newfound Journal, and Cimarron Review have all said “yes” to some pregnancy poems. Thank you, editors, for supporting art about fetuses!

rosie with baby

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